Construction Services

Specializing in large and small new construction and whole-home remodels, Charles Clayton Construction is committed to quality, integrity, communication and teamwork. CCC features an experienced and talented team reflecting 150+ years of building experience.

Maximizing budgets with proven creativity

A thorough plan review and cost/value engineering assures clients their investment is protected with budget integrity and accuracy.

A culture of learning to remain current and cutting-edge

We are students of classical architecture principals married to high-performance building systems. CCC tailors each home’s needs to appropriate eco-friendly opportunities.

Always providing more than is expected

Our superior client communication and professional interaction will always exceed your high expectations. Vast collaborations with many award-winning architects and interior designers allow expertise from our experiences to flow into every home we build. As a dynamic client-builder team, CCC will serve as a project advocate, committed to your needs and project.

Care that extends beyond closing

Charles Clayton Construction is proud of our many return clients. To us, it’s the ultimate form of flattery, especially considering our customers’ refined expectations and astute attention to detail. CCC is beside you through every step of your project, and beyond.

Green Construction

For home building, the word green is more than a catch phrase; it’s about sustainabilities and efficiencies in tandem with being good stewards to our environment.

Incorporating “Green” into our homebuilding process continues to be at the forefront of many discussions with our clients. Each year more and more products are introduced into the home building industry. So many items can now be placed effortlessly into your home environment from Energy Star appliances, low VOC paints, natural gas water heaters, higher seer air conditioners to led lights. While many green products are still evolving and becoming more cost efficient, we are committed to educating our clients on the economics of the myriad of green choices available to them.

Charlie is a Certified Green Professional and continually embraces the everchanging lineup of Green offerings to lead the charge of assimilating sustainability and function, paired with attractive offerings.

Estate Concierge Services

Charles Clayton Construction offers clients an affordable and convenient approach to ongoing home and property maintenance management. Weekly, monthly, quarterly or seasonal, CCC Estate Concierge Services offers peace of mind for you and your investment.

Full Home Maintenance Check

(Interior + Exterior)

Full Home Interior Services

Full Home Exterior Services

Security Services

Organization & Moving Services

Realtor Services