Revive Your Home for Spring

Revive Your Home for Spring

Spring is a time for renewal and fresh starts, and a thorough spring-cleaning can do the same for your home, leaving you feeling happier and healthier.


However, if you are looking to further rejuvinate your home, you may want to think about going beyond the traditional deep clean and consider adding some of these simple feng shui techniques to your spring cleaning list.


Clear clutter and get organized

You can start anywhere in your home, whether it’s that one junk drawer or a dreaded closet, and get rid of anything that feels unnecessary to you. Clear your pantry of old food items and spices, and make way for fresh new recipes. Stay organized by filing important documents, investing in smart storage options, and getting into the habit of putting things back in their place after every use.


Add fresh plants

Fresh plants are a great way to add color and life into your home. You can take advantage of those spring blooms by adding gorgeous flowers to a table centerpiece, or filling your kitchen with fresh and aromatic herbs such as basil and mint.


Improve your air quality

Don’t be afraid to bring that crisp, spring air right into your home. Open a few windows throughout the day to fill your home with fresh air and natural light. Make sure you replace all of your air filters regularly, and invest in a high-quality air purifier to ensure you and your family are breathing easy.


Rethink your entryway

Think of the entryway as the main flow of energy into your home. Make sure it’s clear of clutter and easily accessible to you and your guests. Adding a welcoming rug or a unique piece of art in your entryway will help set an inviting tone to the rest of your home.


Freshen up your outdoor areas

The outside of your home should feel just as balanced and harmonious as the inside. Spring is the perfect time to change up your landscaping with fresh new blooms and different plants. Add some new outdoor furniture pieces to make your own personal oasis complete!


Pursuing these simple feng shui tips in your home will help promote positive energy, and help you and your home feel refreshed just in time for spring.