Building a Custom Home: Selecting the Right Builder

Building a Custom Home: Selecting the Right Builder

You have been dreaming about living in a new custom home: saving images to your Houzz Ideabook, adding Pins to your Pinterest boards, and picking the perfect area that you want to live in. Now you want to find the right custom home builder who can transform your dream into a reality.

Building a new custom home is a significant investment. You’ll want to take the time finding a reputable, experienced builder that fits your style. You’re looking for a homebuilder who will be a true advocate for you throughout the whole process. Here are some tips to selecting a quality custom home builder:

Finding a Good Match. Word-of-mouth is a great way to discover local builders. Consult with friends and family who have already built custom homes to create a list of potential builders and conduct thorough interviews. During these interviews, the builder should be transparent, detailed and welcome questions. By conducting interviews, you’ll be able to select a qualified builder that you can connect with.

Custom Home Building Experience. A qualified custom home builder will hold the proper credentials, licenses, certifications, and insurances as necessary by state law. They will also be a member of credible builder associations as it gives builders a competitive advantage. However, the real credentials come down to experience when looking at a prospective custom home builder. Selecting an established builder with the reputation and skills is vital to a successful completion of a custom dream home.

Experience Building in the Area Where You Want to Build. A custom home builder that has previously built in the specific area will have permitting experience for building homes in the municipality, which often reduces stress in the home building experience. Also, a good home builder will have knowledge of accessible lots in desirable neighborhoods and could also provide suggestions for the perfect lot to fit your exacting needs.

Works as Your Advocate. A quality custom home builder will work with you or your design team to deliver the custom home you want. Starting with a review of the lot that has been selected to start developing the layout on the lot along with recommendations for room sizes, elevations and design that meets your personality and goals.

A Reputation for Quality Building.  Research the reviews and testimonials to see the experiences previous clients had while building their custom homes. It is recommended that you ask the potential builder for a list of past customers who are willing to provide references.

Quality Communication is Key. Communication is important in all relationships, and your relationship with your builder is no exception. Effective communication between client and builder will reduce concerns and stress before, during, and after the building process.

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