Breaking Down Transitional Design

Breaking Down Transitional Design

Homeowners are opting for an elegant, enduring design trend that has both traditional and contemporary design elements that fits their specific lifestyle.

Transitional design focuses on comfort and practicality. This rising trend eliminates the stuffiness of traditional and the coldness of contemporary styles. Transitional is an organized blend of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics. It is not an eclectic-inspired trend, but rather one that allows specific design elements such as furniture or art to take center stage.

This design trend is not always easy to merge, however, when well-planned and executed, the two styles together in one space create a cohesive design that is warm and serene.

Here are some ideas to create a well-blended transitional look that can be used in every room of the house:

–Opt for a neutral color palette, such as ivory, beige, or tan. This color scheme creates a relaxing and uncomplicated atmosphere.

–Integrate textural elements into the space for a modern touch. Incorporate elements such as wood, metal, steel, concrete, or lacquer.

–Furniture with straight lines and soft curves delivers a balance between masculine and feminine attributes in the space.

–Use a minimalist approach when selecting accessories. Less is more.

–Select impactful art because often one moderately scaled piece is more appealing than an arrangement of smaller pieces.

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