Design & Layout Must-Haves for Today’s Buyers

Design & Layout Must-Haves for Today’s Buyers

Every year Charles Clayton Construction keeps up-to-date on the growing trends evolving for the modern family—both in house layout and design. Here is a list of trends that will be the hallmarks of home design in 2017:

Practicality: Homeowners are wanting their custom homes to be more practical. The home is designed to be useful and purposeful with auxiliary rooms that might include a butler’s pantry, mud room or craft room.

Open Floor Plans: By combining the kitchen, dining room and living room, one shared space becomes a “great room” as it is functional and a way to unite the family. Parents have an easier time keeping an eye on the little ones and whoever is cooking in the kitchen is no longer cut off from the rest of the family and guests.

Flexibility: By eliminating formal rooms from the floor plans, there is more space to convert to what modern family dynamics dictate. Cutting out infrequently used formal sitting areas and dining rooms make room for larger, open areas between the kitchen and great room.

9 to 10 Foot Ceilings: Expansive, tall foyers are falling out of trend and the moderately taller ceilings that still provide a spacious feeling are being used. Keeping with the theme of practicality and flexibility, many homeowners see two-story foyers as wasted space that creates issues with sound transmission, energy inefficiency and lack of a welcoming space.

First-Floor Master Suite: Multigenerational living and homeowners staying in their homes longer fuel this trend. A first-floor master suite works for many situations and serves as a great guest suite, accommodates aging parents and provides privacy for the parents in a space away from the kids. It also avoids trips upstairs for someone with a disability, injuries, or arthritis.

Transitional Design: Transitional design focuses on comfort and practicality. This rising trend eliminates the stuffiness of traditional and the coldness of contemporary, while keeping the best aspects of both styles.

Ample Daylighting: Homes are being designed to maximize the amount of sunlight coming into the house, bringing a warm, light and airy feeling. In addition to ambience, proper daylighting saves energy and even triggers our internal circadian rhythm.

Indoor/Outdoor Living: By expanding living spaces and bringing the comfort of the indoors to the outside, the space is maximized to utilize the true potential of the home. To create the effortless flow between the spaces, the interior design should flow into the outdoors by extending the flooring and utilizing similar fixtures and finishes. Simply incorporating summer kitchens and spacious verandas, fireplaces and cozy seating outdoors can maximize the entire living space of the home and create beautiful, functional, and comfortable areas outside.

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