Oceanfront Home Maintenance Tips

Oceanfront Home Maintenance Tips

Living on the ocean is an unsurpassed natural amenity. Nothing can compare to the fresh breezes and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves. Although the salty, coastal air can be harsh on the home, with proper inspections and maintenance, you can keep your investment in pristine condition.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your oceanfront home:


Fire Extinguisher: Check that it’s fully charged; recharge or replace if needed.

HVAC Unit: Change filters once a month.

Wipe Down Surfaces: With salty air, all the surfaces inside and outside need to be periodically cleaned to keep them looking their best.



Pressure Wash: Clean exterior surfaces and furniture to remove dirt and salt.



Smoke Detector: Test batteries and replace as needed.

Interior Caulking: Inspect caulking around tubs, showers, and sinks; replace any if it is deteriorating.

Washer: Inspect washer is properly functioning. Clean as needed.

Dryer: Vacuum lint from ducts and surrounding areas.

Wiring: Check for frayed cords and wires; repair or replace them as needed.



Roof: Inspect and repair if needed.

Gutters and Downspouts: Clean, inspect, and repair as needed; check for proper drainage.

Siding: Clean, inspect, and repair as needed.

Exterior Caulking: Inspect caulking and replace deteriorating areas.

Windowsills, Doorsills, Thresholds: Fill cracks, caulk edges, repaint; replace if needed.

Windows and Doors: Check for cracks and broken seals, repair as needed.



HVAC System: Have professional inspection and tune up of the heat/air conditioning system.

Seal the Deck: Pressure wash the deck and seal to help protect the woodwork from the elements.


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Preventative care measures now will help prevent costly repairs in the future.