Preserving the Past…..Keeping Pace with the Future

Preserving the Past…..Keeping Pace with the Future

We are known for building some of Central Florida’s new iconic custom homes. Over the past 25 years we have also been very fortunate to work on some of Central Florida’s historical homes over the years. Whether it is a full restoration or a renovation, great care is exhibited to respect the integrity of the original architecture while at the same time being mindful of the desires and trends of today’s lifestyles.

1883 – 314 Salvador Square, Winter Park


We have worked on 9 notable historic Central Florida homes that date from 1883 to 1939 including 2 homes drawn by Gamble Rogers. We typically advise keeping the exterior of the structure intact and focus on shifting walls and totally re-imagining the floor plan. If expansion is desired, often the newly created space is located to the rear or side of the existing structure.


The biggest challenge is to open up the floor plan. Often older residences have a more compartmentalized floor plan with much smaller kitchens. While reconfiguring these plans, we are very mindful to collaborate with the Architect and Designer to pursue period ceiling treatments and architectural features when possible. While all this serves as the backdrop, it is very common to then introduce today’s Contemporary or Transitional touches to the home to bring a home from the 1920’s into the 2020’s.  No doubt these projects take on extra layers of planning and coordination, but the final reveal is extra rewarding as we breathe new life into a one of a kind jewel that takes on a new beginning.


Other notable Historical Homes we have remodeled:


c 1924 – 1621 Laurel Rd, Winter Park

c 1925 – 984 Mayfield Ave, Winter Park

c 1926 – 803 N. Lake Adair Blvd, Orlando

c 1926 – 208 N. Interlachen Ave, Winter Park

c 1928 – 550 Via Lugano, Winter Park

c 1933 – 540 N. Interlachen Ave, Winter Park (Gamble Rogers – Architect)

c 1939 – 1700 W Ivanhoe Blvd, Orlando

c 1939 – 225 Palmer Ave, Winter Park (Gamble Rogers – Architect)



C1925- 377 Fairbanks Ave

Notable Historical Church:

C1925 – 338 E. Lyman Ave, All Saints Episcopal (Jack Rogers Architect for Renovations 2020)




“At It’s Best, Preservation Engages The Past In A Conversation With

The Present Over A Mutual Concern For The Future” – William Murtagh